We have raised approx. $15,000 to date as of 11/2014.

The Houston Parks Board is managing the project on our behalf. Please visit for details.        

Nellie Keyes Park Fundraiser

 Donations will be made to houston parks board so that contributions are tax deductible.  please visit for instructions



Phase I was completed in the fall of 2013.  We planted trees supplied by trees for Houston.

Images below show the water spickets that have been installed to support the new trees.

Phase II

Our Phase II plan to install a swingset is underway. we will be installing:

  • new toddler swing set
  • landscape structures two bay “t” style swing structure with two full bucket toddler seats
  • tufftimber edgers with access wedges
  • 17’ by 22’ fall down zone with 12” wood fiber safety surfacing replace wood fiber safety surfacing in the existing play area.

Phase III

we will be try to raise the funds to put a shade canopy over the play area.

Our improvements will only be limited to the amount of money we can raise.  

Nellie Keyes park is heavily used, and to the extent we can improve the park, it only increases the quality of life and property values in our area.  We will post the total contributions on a monthly basis.


Please visit  Feedback page and choose Nellie Keyes as the category and log your suggestion/Feedback.