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Welcome to our site.  

The Association of Washington Avenue Neighbors ("AWAN") is a non-profit organization based in the rapidly changing Washington Corridor located in Houston, TX. We are an cooperation between homeowner's associations, civic organizations, residents, and nearby businesses.

The roots of our organization stem from a need to find solutions to problems that are being caused by improperly planned growth coupled with no zoning ordinances in the area that are impacting our quality of life.  Our area has suffered from many issues including increased crime, traffic, lack of parking,and noise.  We cannot depend on the city to protect our interests.  With the current  budget constraints the city is experiencing, their resources are limited.  

To address these issues, we have a clear mission: develop proactive and preventative solutions outside of the bureaucracy of city politics to protect our joint interests.  Your neighbors provide the financial support for our operations.

By organizing our efforts, AWAN has been able to provide representation and has established direct lines of communication with the following City of Houston departments:

  • Mayor's Office
  • Our City Council representative, Ellen Cohen

  • Houston Police Department
  • TABC
  • Parking Management
  • City Planning
  • Super Neigborhood 22
  • Rice Military Civic Organization

Through the cooperation of HPD, AWAN is currently providing enhanced bike patrol  in the blocks between Washington and Rose and Detering and Reinermann.  Our enforcement is from 10:45pm - 2:45am during the peak hours on Thursday through Saturday of each week. Our security program has solved problems in our area that other neighborhoods continue to suffer from on any given night.

Both residents and businesses have made an investment in the area. Please become part of the solution and have your voice be heard by supporting AWAN. 

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Thanks for visiting The Association of Washington Avenue Neighbors, inc. A 501 (c) 4 non-profit organization.

Trees for Nellie Keyes Initiative

Trees have been planted and we are looking to add a swing and a canopy over the playground.  Waiting to hear the price of the canopy, but the swing will cost approx. $7500.

Chronicle Article on Park:



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